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    3. ArthroSimplicity

      Convenience.Simplicity.One Box.

      The ArthroSimplicity Procedure Kit is a convenient, all-inclusive kit that alleviates the burden of piecing together each of the items necessary for a TMJ arthrocentesis procedure.

      Benefits Include

      • No need to collect each item
      • Convenient, one box solution
      • One item to stock versus 40 individual items
      • Disposable, easy clean up

      Arthrocentesis Description

      Lavage of the upper joint space through TMJ arthrocentesis forces apart the flexible disc from the fossa, washes away degraded particles and inflammatory components, and decreases the intra-articular pressure whenever the joint is inflamed. TMJ arthrocentesis is an important step in TMJ Treatment and is a prerequisite for most TMJ surgical interventions.

      Additional Information

      Legal Manufacturer:??????????????????????

      Biomet Microfixation
      1520 Tradeport Drive
      Jacksonville, FL 32218

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